News 2nd Quarter 2008

Scoring Session in Hong Kong finished with great success

Sascha Selke has just returned from Hong Kong, where he recorded the orchestral score for “The Orange Paper” (Working Title) with musicians from the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra at new Shaw Studios, currently the most advanced recording facilities in the world.

Excerpts from the music will be on our website as soon as the film is out, and until then you can entertain yourself with two articles that the South China Morning Post, the biggest English-speaking Newspaper in South East Asia, dedicated to the event: South China Morning Post

For the scoring session we took advantage of the phenomal production services of VisionSonics Ltd. Check out VisionSonics for some footage of the scoring session, featuring composer and VisionSonics founder Robert Ellis-Geiger conducting the string section, which will later be overdubbed with piano and percussion.